Decree of Aldritch

Decree of Aldritch

Decree of Aldritch

47-76 Aether Damage (61.5 Average)

Speed: Average (-0.1)

45% Elemental Damage converted to Aether Damage

+12% Crit Damage

+140% Lightning Damage

+140% Electrocute Damage

+140% Aether Damage

28% Elemental Resistance

-4% Skill Cooldown Reduction

+2 to Devastation

+3 to Maelstrom

+1 to All Skills in Arcanist

Grants Skill: Corrupting Touch of Aldritch (Level 2)

The corrupting energies of the Aldritch's scepter lash out at your foes.

21-216 Lightning Damage

70 Reduced target's Offensive Ability For 3 Seconds

70 Reduced target's Defensive Ability For 3 Seconds

16 Reduced target's Resistance For 3 Seconds

Confuse target for 2 Seconds

242 Aether Damage

2 Seconds Skill Recharge

30% Chance on a critical attack (target enemy).

Required Physique: 426

Required Spirit: 426

Level Requirement: 75

Item Level: 75

"With his final decree, Van Aldritch condemned an entire city to the Grim Dawn."