Item Database

How to use the database

Start browsing through the items by selecting a category from the menu on the left. You can filter out items based on rarity with the rarity checkboxes. Click an item's name to take you to that item's page.

The search function returns all items that contain your search term. It searches in an item's name and in it's stats. This includes stats from possible completion bonuses or set bonuses, set names and item flavor text.

Item rarity explained

As you journey through Cairn there will be five tiers of items available to you: Common, Magical, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

  • Common items are the lowest and most abundant tier. They are the base items used for magical and rare items. Common armor only offers some armor protection, common weapons simply deal damage.
  • A Magical item is a common item that has an extra one or two magical affixes. These affixes add extra magical properties to the item, while leaving the base stats unchanged. A magical item can have one prefix and/or one suffix.
  • Rare items are the same as magical items, only the chance of getting a rare affix is lower than getting a magical one. The combination of magical and rare affixes is not exclusive, an item can have one rare prefix and one magical suffix, or vice versa. An item with both a rare prefix and rare suffix has a very low chance of dropping, but has the potential to be one of the strongest item in the game.
  • Epic items are unique items and are not based on a combination of common base items and affixes. Instead they have a unique stats, unique art and a unique combination of properties, often combinations not possible with rare affixes.
  • Legendary items are unique in the same way as epic items. But legendaries are of higher quality, offering better/more bonuses. These items are the best available.
  • There is a special tier of Common items, often referred to as Monster Infrequents. They are specific to monster types, some even to one boss or hero. These are common items that have additional properties as if they had a magical affix. They can still get bonus affixes in the same way as Common items: one prefix and/or one suffix.