Warborn Gavel

Warborn Gavel

Warborn Gavel

50-165 Damage (107.5 Average)

Speed: Fast (-0.08)

+65% Physical Damage

+65% Internal Trauma Damage

9-25 Bonus Damage

+220 Health

+8% Attack Speed

+2 to War Cry

+2 to Cadence

Grants Skill: Earthquake (Level 1)

Tear a fissure through the area underneath your foes, slowing and stunning any enemies caught within it.

124 Physical Damage

248 Internal Trauma Damage Over 2 Seconds (124 Per Second)

25% Chance of Stun target for 0.5 Seconds

33% Slower Target Movement For 2 Seconds

4 Second Duration

3 Meter Explosion Radius

2 Seconds Skill Recharge

20% Chance on a critical attack (target enemy).

Part of the Warborn Armor item set

"Forged by battle, this armor had seen more conflict than any other relics surviving to this day."

Set bonus

0/90/90/90 Armor

0/0/12/12-0/0/22/22 Physical Damage

+0/0/9/9% Attack Speed

Increases Armor Absorption by 0/8/8/8%

+0/0/0/3 to Cadence

+0/0/0/3 to Break Morale

Grants Skill: Warborn (Level 1)

You were born for combat and thrive in the thick of it.

+120% Physical Damage

+120% Internal Trauma Damage

+10% Attack Speed

300 Health Restored

6% Health Restored

10 Second Duration

7 Seconds Skill Recharge

15% Chance on attacking (target self).

Required Physique: 485

Level Requirement: 75

Item Level: 75