Fist of the Venomblade

Fist of the Venomblade

Fist of the Venomblade

44-157 Damage (100.5 Average)

15% Piercing

Speed: Fast (-0.05)

15% Physical Damage converted to Acid Damage

+55% Pierce Damage

15 Acid Damage

+74% Poison Damage

+74% Acid Damage

+3% Offensive Ability

+2 to Pneumatic Burst

+2 to Amarasta's Blade Burst

Grants Skill: Venomspines (Level 1)

Venomous spines erupt from you, impaling your foes.

+8% Weapon Damage

330 Poison Damage Over 5 Seconds (66 Per Second)

80 Acid Damage

80 Piercing Damage

0.5 Meter Explosion Radius

1 Projectile

100% Chance to pass through Enemies

1.8 Seconds Skill Recharge

15% Chance on attacking (target enemy).

Part of the The Venomblade Pact item set

"Armor worn by a group of nightblades specializing in the abhorrent use of acid on their weapons."

Set bonus

+0/50/50/50% Pierce Damage

+0/70/70/70% Acid Damage

+0/0/45/45 Offensive Ability

-0/0/10/10% Skill Cooldown Reduction

+0/0/0/3 to Amarasta's Blade Burst

+0/0/0/3 to Ring of Steel

Grants Skill: Venomwrath (Level 1)

A vile poison that infuses the flesh and exposes hidden weaknesses.

-10% Pierce Resistance

-10% Poison & Acid Resistance

75 Acid Damage

Increases Health Regeneration by -50%

5 Second Duration

0.5 Seconds Skill Recharge

33% Chance on a critical attack (target enemy).

Required Physique: 485

Level Requirement: 75

Item Level: 75