Valdun's Rifle

Valdun's Rifle

Valdun's Rifle

170-240 Damage (205 Average)

50% Piercing

Speed: Very Slow (-0.23)

+15% Crit Damage

+90% Physical Damage

+90% Internal Trauma Damage

+105% Pierce Damage

18-25 Piercing Damage

20% Chaos Resistance

+44 Offensive Ability

+8% Attack Speed

+1 to All Skills in Demolitionist

Grants Skill: Fragmenting Round (Level 1)

Load a custom round that fragments and pierces through your targets.

+90% Weapon Damage

92-152 Piercing Damage

Knockdown target for 1 Seconds

8 Projectiles

100% Chance to pass through Enemies

3 Seconds Skill Recharge

75 Energy Cost

Part of the Valdun's Treachery item set

"Valdun was one of the finest marksmen in all of Cairn, but he only became truly infamous after turning his sights upon the nobility of Erulan."

Set bonus

+0/50/50/50% Pierce Damage

+0/30/30/30% Armor Piercing

0/0/24/24-0/0/66/66 Piercing Damage

+0/0/40/40 Offensive Ability

+0/0/0/3 to Cadence

+0/0/0/3 to Searing Light

Grants Skill: Valdun's Clip (Level 1)

Fire a custom round that splinters on contact. Activates off of default weapon attacks.

+115% Weapon Damage

33-55 Piercing Damage

25% Chance to be Used

1.4 Meter Explosion Radius

1 Projectile

5-7 Fragments

Required Cunning: 484

Level Requirement: 75

Item Level: 75