Obsidian Juggernaut

Obsidian Juggernaut

Obsidian Juggernaut

102-562 Damage (332 Average)

Speed: Very Slow (-0.17)

45% Physical Damage converted to Chaos Damage

+132% Physical Damage

+132% Internal Trauma Damage

+135% Chaos Damage

3-44 Chaos Damage

+340 Health

+3 to Fighting Form

+2 to All Skills in Occultist

Grants Skill: Obsidian Tremor (Level 1)

Shatter the barrier between the void and the physical realm as obsidian spines burst through the earth.

+50% Weapon Damage

104-264 Physical Damage

104-264 Chaos Damage

3 Projectiles in a 45° Projectile Spread

100% Chance to pass through Enemies

86 Energy Cost

Required Physique: 473

Level Requirement: 58

Item Level: 58

"Forged within the molten depths of a living volcano."