Quillthrower of Dreeg

Quillthrower of Dreeg

Quillthrower of Dreeg

66-114 Damage (90 Average)

100-100 Acid Damage (100 Average)

30% Piercing

Speed: Very Slow (-0.18)

45% Physical Damage converted to Acid Damage

22 Acid Damage

+120% Poison Damage

+120% Acid Damage

+44 Defensive Ability

+16% Casting Speed

-10% Skill Cooldown Reduction

+2 to Vile Eruption

+1 to All Skills in Occultist

Grants Skill: Eye of the Guardian (Level 1)

Conjure one of the infinite eyes of Dreeg to protect you with a barrage of spines. The eye scales with player damage bonuses.
Summon 1 Eye of the Guardian

3 Seconds Skill Recharge

3 Summon Limit

33% Chance on attacking (target self).

Required Cunning: 409

Level Requirement: 58

Item Level: 58

"Infused with the very essence of the witch god Dreeg."