173-208 Damage (190.5 Average)

40% Piercing

Speed: Very Slow (-0.23)

+86% Pierce Damage

16 Piercing Damage

+22% Attack Speed

+30% Damage to Chthonic

+25 Damage to Chthonic

+2 to All Skills

Grants Skill: Silvercore Armament (Level 1)

Arm yourself and your allies against the fiends of the void. This ability must be toggled to maintain its effect.

+15% Total Damage

+150 Energy Reserved

+15% Damage to Chthonic

+25 Damage to Chthonic

15 Meter Radius

3 Active Energy Cost per Second

Required Cunning: 368

Level Requirement: 50

Item Level: 50

"The weapon of choice for Demon Hunter Edith the Bloodied, Chthonian cultist turned demonslayer."