Empowered Arachnid's Embrace

Empowered Arachnid's Embrace

Empowered Arachnid's Embrace

156-246 Damage (201 Average)

30% Piercing

Speed: Very Slow (-0.2)

45% Physical Damage converted to Acid Damage

24 Acid Damage

+135% Acid Damage

45% Poison & Acid Resistance

+50 Spirit

+40 Cunning

Increases Energy Regeneration by 26%

+3 to Aspect of the Guardian

Grants Skill: Spider's Web (Level 1)

Traps your foe in sticky webbing that completely inhibits movement and makes them easy prey. This spell immobilizes enemies for its duration. Enemies resistant to trap effects will suffer a reduced duration.

-25% Defensive Ability

3 Second Duration

1 Seconds Skill Recharge

100% Chance when hit by a melee attack (target enemy).

Required Cunning: 496

Level Requirement: 75

Item Level: 75