Dawnbreaker's Sledge

Dawnbreaker's Sledge

Dawnbreaker's Sledge

24-202 Damage (113 Average)

Speed: Average (-0.11)

15% Physical Damage converted to Lightning Damage

9-20 Lightning Damage

+35% Total Retaliation Damage

+25% Shield Damage Blocked

+5% Health

+2 to Savagery

+2 to Heart of the Wild

Grants Skill: Lightning Bolt (Level 1)

A touch of Ultos' wrath rips through the sky to shock your foes.

124-585 Lightning Damage

Stun target for 1 Seconds

2 Meter Radius

2.5 Seconds Skill Recharge

15% Chance on attacking (target enemy).

Part of the Dawnbreaker's Light item set

"The wrath of the sun against the encroaching darkness."

Set bonus

0/0/50/50% Damage Reflected

+0/0/100/100% Total Retaliation Damage

0/1/1/1-0/2750/2750/2750 Lightning Retaliation

+0/0/0/3 to Counter Strike

+0/0/0/3 to Stormcaller's Pact

Grants Skill: Dawnbreaker (Level 1)

Blind your foes with your righteous presence.

232-777 Lightning Damage

492 Electrocute Damage Over 3 Seconds (164 Per Second)

15% Reduced target's Damage For 3 Seconds

33% Chance of Confuse target for 2 Seconds

6 Meter Radius

3 Seconds Skill Recharge

15% Chance when hit by a melee attack (target self).

Required Physique: 443

Level Requirement: 68

Item Level: 65