Empowered Anarchy

Empowered Anarchy

Empowered Anarchy

83-118 Damage (100.5 Average)

Speed: Slow (-0.15)

15% Physical Damage converted to Chaos Damage

+80% Chaos Damage

9-15 Piercing Damage

10% Chance of 86-314 Chaos Damage

+28 Cunning

+2 to Doom Bolt

+2 to Solael's Witchfire

Grants Skill: Doom Bolt (Level 18)

A bolt of entropic power tears through the fabric of reality to inflict massive damage on any foe it strikes.

6-18% Reduction to Enemy's Health

306 Vitality Damage

407 Chaos Damage

1.5 Meter Radius

5 Seconds Skill Recharge

33% Chance on a critical attack (target enemy).

Required Physique: 455

Level Requirement: 65

Item Level: 65

"This once holy scepter has been twisted into its current form after being anointed with the living blood of Ch'thon."