Flame Keeper's Pauldrons

Flame Keeper's Pauldrons

Flame Keeper's Pauldrons

Light Armor

738 Armor

20% Aether Resistance

20% Chaos Resistance

+40% Burn Damage

+45% Fire Damage

+260 Health

+34 Defensive Ability

+2 to Grenado

+2 to Blackwater Cocktail

Part of the Keeper of the Flame item set

"A fiery heart, imbued with a spirit of the flame."

Set bonus

+0/70/70/70% Fire Damage

+0/70/70/70% Lightning Damage

+0/0/15/15% Attack Speed

+0/0/10/10% Casting Speed

+0/0/0/1 to All Skills in Demolitionist

Grants Skill: Fire Spread (Level 1)

Fires an exploding round that shatters on impact in a large burst of flame. Activates off of default weapon attacks.

+115% Weapon Damage

110 Burn Damage Over 2 Seconds (55 Per Second)

55 Fire Damage

20% Chance to be Used

4 Meter Explosion Radius

1 Projectile

Required Physique: 405

Level Requirement: 72

Item Level: 70