Gavel of Barthollem

Gavel of Barthollem

Gavel of Barthollem

45-182 Damage (113.5 Average)

Speed: Slow (-0.15)

15% Physical Damage converted to Fire Damage

+48% Physical Damage

+70% Fire Damage

12-20 Fire Damage

+34 Offensive Ability

+2 to Vindictive Flame

+2 to Forcewave

Grants Skill: Ring of Everlasting Flame (Level 6)

Bathe yourself in incinerating flames that burn all around you to cinders, but leave you unharmed.

206 Burn Damage Over 2 Seconds (103 Per Second)

101 Fire Damage

3 Second Duration

4 Meter Radius

3 Seconds Skill Recharge

50% Chance on a critical attack (target self).

Required Physique: 498

Level Requirement: 75

Item Level: 75

"Sacred gavel of Archon Barthollem, used to pass divine judgement upon the unworthy."