Ruby of Elemental Balance

Ruby of Elemental Balance

Ruby of Elemental Balance

15% Elemental Resistance

+55% Fire Damage

+55% Cold Damage

+40 Offensive Ability

+8% Casting Speed

+2 to Explosive Strike

+2 to Olexra's Flash Freeze

Part of the Elemental Balance item set

"The fury of fire and the might of ice, at your fingertips."

Set bonus

0/22 Fire Damage

0/22 Cold Damage

Grants Skill: Elemental Force (Level 1)

Unleash a force of fire and ice magic that spirals outward from your location.

+15% Weapon Damage

135-206 Fire Damage

135-206 Cold Damage

0.25 Meter Explosion Radius

1 Projectile

100% Chance to pass through Enemies

0.8 Seconds Skill Recharge

15% Chance on attacking (target enemy).

Required Spirit: 297

Level Requirement: 72

Item Level: 70