Devil's Cord

Devil's Cord

Devil's Cord

33 Armor

25% Reduction in Bleeding Duration

25% Reduction in Bleeding Duration

+32 Defensive Ability

+5% Chance to Avoid Melee Attacks

+1 to Fighting Spirit

Grants Skill: Overguard (Level 1)

Assume a defensive stance that greatly boosts your combat awareness. You can only maintain this focus for a short duration. Requires a shield.

6 Damage Absorption

Protects against:

100% Reduced Stun Duration

+15% Shield Damage Blocked

5% Chance of 1.5 Seconds of Stun Retaliation

Increases Health Regeneration by 25%

-15% Shield Recovery Time

10 Second Duration

20 Seconds Skill Recharge

10% Chance when hit (target self).

Required Physique: 260

Level Requirement: 35

Item Level: 35

Faction: Devil's Crossing