Rhowari Deathtouch

Rhowari Deathtouch

Rhowari Deathtouch

28-49 Vitality Damage (38.5 Average)

Speed: Average (-0.1)

+64% Vitality Damage

+0.5 Energy Regenerated per second

+18 Defensive Ability

Grants Skill: Sigil of Consumption (Level 10)

Creates an occult sigil on the ground that consumes the life-force of enemies caught within its power, returning a portion of the damage dealt as health to the caster.

68 Vitality Damage

33% of Attack Damage converted to Health

6 Second Duration

3.2 Meter Explosion Radius

5 Seconds Skill Recharge

15% Chance when hit by a melee attack (target self).

Bonus to All Pets:

+18% Total Damage

+10% Health

Required Physique: 236

Required Spirit: 236

Level Requirement: 35

Item Level: 35

Faction: Rovers