Dawnguard Epaulets

Dawnguard Epaulets

Dawnguard Epaulets

Heavy Armor

1068 Armor

5% Physical Resistance

33% Elemental Resistance

+33% Total Retaliation Damage

42-424 Lightning Retaliation

+220 Health

+2 to Tenacity of the Boar

+2 to Counter Strike

Part of the Dawnguard item set

"Armor worn only by the most zealous defenders of the holy faith of Menhir."

Set bonus

+0/50/50/50/50% Total Retaliation Damage

+0/0/0/0/200% Lightning Retaliation

0/0/267/267/267-0/0/822/822/822 Lightning Retaliation

+0/0/0/3/3 to Counter Strike

+0/0/0/3/3 to Oak Skin

Grants Skill: Lightning Spike (Level 1)

A spike of electric energy erupts towards your assailant.

+8% Weapon Damage

73-101 Physical Damage

152-245 Lightning Damage

244 Electrocute Damage Over 2 Seconds (122 Per Second)

1 Projectile

70% Chance to pass through Enemies

0.3 Seconds Skill Recharge

100% Chance when hit (target enemy).

Required Physique: 685

Level Requirement: 72

Item Level: 70