Unholy Mantle of the Covenant

Unholy Mantle of the Covenant

Unholy Mantle of the Covenant

Light Armor

552 Armor

30% Vitality Resistance

+240 Health

+32 Defensive Ability

+2 to Bonds of Bysmiel

Bonus to All Pets:

+28% Total Damage

+10% Attack Speed

Part of the Unholy Covenant item set

"Cabal regalia worn during unspeakable rituals."

Set bonus

0/0/20/20/20% Bleeding Resistance

+0/70/70/70/70% Vitality Damage

+0/70/70/70/70% Chaos Damage

+0/0/0/3/3 to Manipulation

+0/0/0/3/3 to Sigil of Consumption

+0/0/0/0/1 to All Skills in Occultist

Grants Skill: Unholy Covenant (Level 1)

Forge an unholy covenant with your minions, empowering your connections to the dark forces of the void. This ability must be toggled to maintain its effect.

+75% Vitality Damage

+0% Vitality Decay

+75% Chaos Damage

+150 Energy Reserved

Bonus to All Pets:

50% Physical Damage converted to Chaos Damage

+125% Vitality Damage

+125% Chaos Damage

3 Active Energy Cost per Second

Toggled On/Off

Bonus to All Pets:

+150% Fire Damage

+150% Chaos Damage

Required Physique: 405

Level Requirement: 72

Item Level: 70