Shoulderguards of Perdition

Shoulderguards of Perdition

Shoulderguards of Perdition

Heavy Armor

356 Armor

Increases Armor by 4%

12% Chaos Resistance

125 Acid Retaliation

+15% Acid Damage

+224 Health

+25 Offensive Ability

Part of the Perdition item set

"Armor of Inquisitor Grayweather, infamous for splashing foes with acid, as he believed merely slaying the wicked was insufficient and that punishment should be exacted in the process."

Set bonus

Increases Armor by 0/10/10/10/10%

+0/0/0/0/100% Total Retaliation Damage

+0/0/50/50/50% Acid Retaliation

0/0/0/500/500 Acid Retaliation

0/0/0/8/8-0/0/0/15/15 Acid Damage

+0/0/50/50/50% Acid Damage

Required Physique: 394

Level Requirement: 40

Item Level: 40