Grenadier Shoulderguard

Grenadier Shoulderguard

Grenadier Shoulderguard

Heavy Armor

285 Armor

+27% Burn Damage

+15% Fire Damage

+25 Cunning

+2 to Grenado

+1 to Canister Bomb

Grants Skill: Canister Bomb (Level 1)

An explosive packed with more explosives, this devilish contraption is capable of laying waste to an entire field of enemies.

80 Burn Damage Over 2 Seconds (40 Per Second)

25-44 Piercing Damage

75 Fire Damage

4.5 Meter Explosion Radius

1 Projectile

5-7 Fragments

6 Seconds Skill Recharge

5% Chance when hit (target enemy).

Required Physique: 298

Level Requirement: 33

Item Level: 30

"Seared and shredded by shrapnel, this shoulderguard nevertheless retains much of its protective qualities."