142-230 Damage (186 Average)

30% Piercing

Speed: Very Slow (-0.23)

45% Physical Damage converted to Lightning Damage

+60% Cold Damage

+98% Lightning Damage

+12% Casting Speed

+1 to Raging Tempest

+1 to All Skills in Shaman

Grants Skill: Lightning Barrage (Level 16)

Sparks of lightning erupt from you, damaging any enemies they come in contact with.

36-404 Lightning Damage

1.5 Meter Explosion Radius

12 Projectiles in a 360° Projectile Spread

3 Seconds Skill Recharge

10% Chance on attacking (target enemy).

Required Cunning: 419

Level Requirement: 58

Item Level: 58

"A crude, yet surprisingly effective, weapon of the mountain wilds."