Guardsman's Hammer

Guardsman's Hammer

Guardsman's Hammer

44-61 Damage (52.5 Average)

Speed: Fast (-0.06)

+20% Physical Damage

5-13 Bonus Damage

33% Chance of Disrupt target's skills for 2 Seconds

+20 Physique

Part of the Guardsman's Raiment item set

"Once the standard issue equipment of peacekeepers and royal guards, only a few of these outfits survived the Grim Dawn."

Set bonus

Increases Armor by 0/0/15/15/15%

0/0/0/50/50% Reduced Stun Duration

+0/6/6/6/6% Defensive Ability

+0/0/0/0/2 to All Skills in Soldier

Required Physique: 199

Level Requirement: 22

Item Level: 22