Corruptor's Mantle

Corruptor's Mantle

Corruptor's Mantle

Light Armor

455 Armor

33% Poison & Acid Resistance

+44% Vitality Damage

+44% Vitality Decay

5 Vitality Damage

+332 Health

+3 to Soul Harvest

Bonus to All Pets:

+5% Total Speed

Part of the Corruptor of Spirits item set

"The spirits bend to your will."

Set bonus

+0/50/50% Vitality Damage

+0/0/3 to Bone Harvest

+0/0/3 to Conjure Primal Spirit

Grants Skill: Corrupted Soul (Level 1)

The armor corrupts your soul, granting you dark power and greater control over your minions.

+100% Vitality Damage

6% Health Restored

Bonus to All Pets:

+90% Total Damage

+15% Crit Damage

8 Second Duration

8 Seconds Skill Recharge

10% Chance on attacking (target self).

Bonus to All Pets:

+80% Vitality Damage

Required Physique: 377

Level Requirement: 65

Item Level: 65