Wraith Knight's Pauldrons

Wraith Knight's Pauldrons

Wraith Knight's Pauldrons

Heavy Armor

504 Armor

30% Aether Resistance

+26% Cold Damage

+26% Frostburn Damage

+32% Vitality Damage

+32% Vitality Decay

5 Vitality Damage

3% of Attack Damage converted to Health

+2 to Bone Harvest

Grants Skill: Soul Well (Level 1)

Tear open a rift to the beyond, unleashing a well of restless spirits that will tear at any enemy that dares enter it.

45 Cold Damage

70 Vitality Damage

6 Second Duration

2.5 Meter Explosion Radius

4 Seconds Skill Recharge

20% Chance when hit (target enemy).

Required Physique: 491

Level Requirement: 50

Item Level: 50