Malakor's Infusion

Malakor's Infusion

Malakor's Infusion

74-145 Damage (109.5 Average)

Speed: Slow (-0.13)

15% Physical Damage converted to Elemental Damage

+60% Burn Damage

+60% Elemental Damage

+60% Frostburn Damage

+60% Electrocute Damage

8 Elemental Damage

+125 Health

+12% Attack Speed

+20% Damage to Eldritch

+3 to Aura of Conviction

+4 to Overload

+1 to All Skills in Demolitionist

Grants Skill: Malakor's Infusion (Level 1)

Malakor's runes instill a balance within you, mending wounds and empowering your weapons with the elements.

30 Elemental Damage

+2 Energy Regenerated per second

8% Health Restored

12 Second Duration

8 Seconds Skill Recharge

100% Chance (target self).

Required Physique: 485

Level Requirement: 75

Item Level: 75

"Arcanist Malakor, a close ally of the Luminari, forged this weapon in elemental flames to combat Eldritch beings on their own terms."