Malmouth Warhammer

Malmouth Warhammer

Malmouth Warhammer

68-168 Damage (118 Average)

Speed: Average (-0.09)

+70% Pierce Damage

14 Piercing Damage

+16 Defensive Ability

+17% Attack Speed

+2 to Ring of Steel

+2 to Deadly Aim

Grants Skill: Ring of Steel (Level 22)

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of phantasmal blades encircle you at lethal speed, cutting down adjacent foes.

+25% Weapon Damage

215 Piercing Damage

Stun target for 1 Seconds

3.75 Meter Radius

5 Seconds Skill Recharge

30% Chance on a critical attack (target enemy).

Required Physique: 533

Level Requirement: 84

Item Level: 84

Faction: User11