Blueprint: Stoneguard Waistguard

Possible items

Stoneguard Girdle

Stoneguard Girdle

96 Armor

Increases Armor by 6%

34% Pierce Resistance

20% Poison & Acid Resistance

20% Reduced Stun Duration

+4% to Maximum Poison & Acid Resistance

344 Piercing Retaliation

+74% Physical Damage

+74% Internal Trauma Damage

+3% Physique

+45 Defensive Ability

Part of the Stoneguard item set

"Implements of the Stoneguard, a staunch defender of the Faith of Menhir."

Set bonus

Increases Armor by 0/0/15%

0/180/180 Armor

+0/100/100% Total Retaliation Damage

Increases Armor Absorption by 0/0/25%

Grants Skill: Stoneguard (Level 1)

The stoneguard hardens your skin against physical blows and lashes out against those who would harm you.

Increases Armor by 100%

2000 Piercing Retaliation

6 Second Duration

10 Seconds Skill Recharge

25% Chance when hit by a melee attack (target self).

Required Physique: 640

Level Requirement: 94

Item Level: 94

Possible prefixes

No prefixes for Blueprint: Stoneguard Waistguard.

Possible suffixes

No suffixes for Blueprint: Stoneguard Waistguard.