Blueprint: Mark of Kalastor

Possible items

Mythical Mark of Kalastor

Mythical Mark of Kalastor

Increases Armor by 5%

20% Elemental Resistance

35% Poison & Acid Resistance

+76% Physical Damage

+76% Internal Trauma Damage

+60% Pierce Damage

+55 Offensive Ability

+2 to Rune of Kalastor

+3 to Temper

Grants Skill: Earthquake (Level 2)

Tear a fissure through the area underneath your foes, slowing and stunning any enemies caught within it.

135 Physical Damage

270 Internal Trauma Damage Over 2 Seconds (135 Per Second)

25% Chance of Stun target for 0.5 Seconds

33% Slower Target Movement For 2 Seconds

4 Second Duration

3 Meter Explosion Radius

2 Seconds Skill Recharge

33% Chance on a critical attack (target enemy).

Level Requirement: 94

Item Level: 94

Possible prefixes

No prefixes for Blueprint: Mark of Kalastor.

Possible suffixes

No suffixes for Blueprint: Mark of Kalastor.