Blood Orb of Ch'thon

Blood Orb of Ch'thon

Blood Orb of Ch'thon

+4% Crit Damage

+64% Vitality Damage

+64% Vitality Decay

+92% Chaos Damage

24% Chaos Resistance

Increases Energy Regeneration by 68%

+17% Casting Speed

-16% Skill Cooldown Reduction

+1 to Bloody Pox

+1 to All Skills in Occultist

Grants Skill: Blood Rite (Level 1)

The dark blood of Ch'thon corrupts all that it touches, even the arcane.

100% Elemental Damage converted to Chaos Damage

+150 Energy Reserved

150 Energy Cost

50 Active Health Cost per Second

Toggled On/Off

Required Spirit: 575

Level Requirement: 65

Item Level: 65

"Fanatical cabalists swear that a drop of their primordial god's blood is contained within this orb."