Voidwalker Footpads

Voidwalker Footpads

Voidwalker Footpads

Light Armor

578 Armor

20% Vitality Resistance

18% Chaos Resistance

+32% Vitality Damage

+32% Vitality Decay

+30% Chaos Damage

+28 Spirit

+25 Defensive Ability

+8% Movement Speed

+2 to Sigil of Consumption

+2 to Destruction

Grants Skill: Voidwalker (Level 1)

You are resistant to the corrupting effects of the void, putting up a barrier whenever struck by vile fiends that use such magic.

6000 Damage Absorption

Protects against:

Poison or Acid


204-1042 Chaos Retaliation

20 Seconds Skill Recharge

100% Chance of Activating on Hit

Required Physique: 269

Level Requirement: 65

Item Level: 65