Clairvoyant's Robe

Clairvoyant's Robe

Clairvoyant's Robe

Caster Armor

624 Armor

28% Elemental Resistance

20% Vitality Resistance

20% Chaos Damage converted to Aether Damage

+15% Total Damage

+36% Aether Damage

+36% Chaos Damage

+6.2 Energy Regenerated per second

+66 Offensive Ability

+3 to Devastation

+3 to Doom Bolt

Part of the The Clairvoyant item set

"Vestments once worn by the archmage of the Silver Tower, principal keep of the Gildam Arcanum."

Set bonus

0/0/20/20% Elemental Resistance

+0/60/60/60% Aether Damage

+0/60/60/60% Chaos Damage

0/0/0/10% Chance of -0/0/0/100% Skill Cooldown Reduction

+0/0/3/3 to Fabric of Reality

+0/0/3/3 to Second Rite

+0/0/0/1 to All Skills

Grants Skill: Clairvoyance (Level 1)

Clear your mind in preparation for taxing spellwork.

+100 Energy Regenerated per second

500 Energy Restored

5 Second Duration

30 Seconds Skill Recharge

Required Physique: 323

Required Spirit: 478

Level Requirement: 68

Item Level: 65