Open Hand of Mercy

Open Hand of Mercy

Open Hand of Mercy

24% Elemental Resistance

10% Vitality Resistance

10% Reduced target's Resistance For 2 Seconds

+22 Health Regenerated per second

Increases Health Regeneration by 15%

+1.5 Energy Regenerated per second

Increases Energy Regeneration by 10%

+40 Defensive Ability

Part of the Judicator's Signets item set

"The fates of many decided by the heavy hand of one."

Set bonus

Increases Health Regeneration by 0/30%

+0/6% Attack Speed

+0/6% Casting Speed

Grants Skill: Sealed Fate (Level 1)

You seal the fate of your foes, confident in the judgement you cast upon them.

+8% Offensive Ability

+8% Defensive Ability

124 Health Restored

2% Health Restored

10 Second Duration

5 Seconds Skill Recharge

100% Chance (target self).

Required Spirit: 282

Level Requirement: 68

Item Level: 65