Screams of the Aether

Screams of the Aether

Screams of the Aether

26% Elemental Resistance

26% Aether Resistance

15% Chance of 2 Seconds of Terrify Retaliation

+50% Aether Damage

+1.5 Energy Regenerated per second

+10% Casting Speed

+15% Damage to Aetherial & Aether Corruption

+2 to Devastation

+2 to Fabric of Reality

Grants Skill: Screams of the Aether (Level 1)

Cries of the Aether emanate from you, terrifying nearby foes.

Terrify target for 5 Seconds

453-864 Aether Damage

4.75 Meter Radius

10 Seconds Skill Recharge

100% Chance when hit by a melee attack (target self).

Required Spirit: 282

Level Requirement: 65

Item Level: 65

"A mockery of the agonizing possession process."