Eyes of Flame

Eyes of Flame

Eyes of Flame

Light Armor

168 Armor

15 Burn Damage Over 3 Seconds (5 Per Second)

+25% Burn Damage

+15% Fire Damage

Grants Skill: Fireball (Level 9)

Launches multiple fireballs at nearby enemies.

88-148 Fire Damage

50% Chance of Stun target for 1 Seconds

3 Projectiles in a 45° Projectile Spread

2 Seconds Skill Recharge

5% Chance on attacking (target enemy).

Part of the Brimstone item set

"Armor and weapon carried by the devout of Ulzuin."

Set bonus

0/18/18 Fire Damage

+0/0/40 Offensive Ability

+0/0/1 to All Skills in Demolitionist

Required Physique: 176

Level Requirement: 30

Item Level: 30