Marauder's Ammo Belt

Marauder's Ammo Belt

Marauder's Ammo Belt

26 Armor

12% Bleeding Resistance

+15% Fire Damage

+15% Cold Damage

+10 Cunning

Grants Skill: Marauder's Salvo (Level 1)

When brandishing two pistols, you sometimes unleash a salvo of arcane infused ammunition. Enables the ability to dual wield ranged weapons. Activates off of default weapon attacks.

+80% Weapon Damage

42 Burn Damage Over 3 Seconds (14 Per Second)

10-12 Fire Damage

10 Cold Damage

25% Slow target For 3 Seconds

10% Chance to be Used

1 Projectile

Part of the Marauder's Justice item set

"Judge, jury, and executioner."

Set bonus

0/0/7/7 Fire Damage

0/0/7/7 Cold Damage

+0/40/40/40 Offensive Ability

+0/0/0/1 to All Skills in Demolitionist

+0/0/0/1 to All Skills in Arcanist

Required Physique: 197

Level Requirement: 26

Item Level: 26